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Elevate your living experience with Galaxy Cottage Construction  the premier authority in Commercial & Residential Renovation Services throughout Calgary. Whether you aspire to rejuvenate existing homes or expand your living space, our adept renovation contracting services are meticulously crafted to align with your distinctive requirements.
Each project we undertake is a unique venture, recognizing and accommodating the diverse expectations of our clients. Galaxy Cottage Construction boasts a renovation team adept at not only comprehending your needs but surpassing them with unparalleled proficiency. Through a synthesis of extensive skills, strategic planning, and precise execution, we proudly stand as your entrusted home renovation partner in Calgary. What Sets Galaxy Cottage Construction Apart for Your Home Renovation:
Consistently achieving exceptional outcomes in a multitude of home remodeling projects has solidified our position as the foremost home repair company in Calgary.  Our objective is to craft extraordinary custom home renovations in Calgary that mirror your individuality and elevate your lifestyle.
As a comprehensive home renovation contractor, Galaxy Cottage Construction adeptly manages a spectrum of projects, including renovations, repairs, custom designs, and painting, spanning condos, city residences, and single-family dwellings.  Our bespoke interior design services ensure that your living space is impeccably suited to you. Place your trust in our team of professionals to orchestrate upscale home transformations that are exclusively yours. Our unwavering commitment is to reflect your individual preferences and bring forth the true potential of your space.
Our All-Encompassing Renovation Portfolio Encompasses:
– Bathroom Remodels
– Basement Renovations
– Carpentry (Doors, Baseboards, etc.)
– Home Repair
– Interior & Exterior Painting
– Interior & Exterior Finishes
– Kitchen Remodeling
– Refinishing of Walls & Ceilings

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